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Hello. We're
Mr & Mrs Peate

A creative partnership based in the leafy suburbs of South East London.

We partner with clients and agencies on brand strategy, naming and visual identity. We busy ourselves with interface design, copywriting, campaigns and illustration.

With us, you get direct access to experienced creatives. But without the waffle and inflated egos that you might expect. Our work is diverse but united by one thing. We love what we do and it shows.

Mr Peate: Stephen

Stephen is a super experienced creative director with over 25 years design industry experience. He is a friendly, flexible and down to earth, no nonsense, northern type.

Experience & skills

  • Brand strategy

  • Naming

  • Visual identity

  • Copywriting

  • Plus... Graphic design, typography, campaign design, and print and online communications.

Hidden talents

  • Amongst other things, Stephen has an encyclopedic, yet ultimately pointless, knowledge of hip hop and rap circa 1990-2000. Nice to know.

  • He also makes the world's second best cup of tea. Proper tea. Thats official.

  • Biscuit eating is also a strong speciality. Especially if it is a custard cream. Or a hobnob.

Mrs Peate: Ali

Ali is UI and UX designer who has been working in online design since the days of modems and dial ups. She is also happy to turn her hand to drawing, sketching and illustration, and loves a good doodle.

Experience & skills:

  • User experience and wayfinding

  • User interface design

  • Illustration & icon design

  • Plus... graphic design for online environments, web based typography and online campaigns.

Hidden talents:

  • Ali is also a qualified yoga teacher. So can usually be found cross legged on her yoga mat.

  • She has a love of anything green and leafy. If it grows in the ground, it is one of her best friends.

  • The cinema is Ali's regular treat. Is it still a 'treat' if you go twice a week ...?

A few of the lovely clients we’ve worked with...

We are lucky to have worked with an amazing bunch of people and organisations. From charities to universities, local communities to global teams, and from start ups to the establishment, here are just a few...

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